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Water-Saving Products

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Water-efficient products have come such a long way that it’s hard to tell the difference between sinks and showers that have them and those that don’t. They also enable tremendous energy savings by using high-pressure/low volume design that can save thousands of gallons of water per year. Not only do you use less water, you also heat less water, thereby saving electricity.

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Faucet Aerators


Pool pump timer

A good-quality pool pump timer helps to cut down the energy cost as well as give you total control of your swimming pool. Since the energy cost of the home will be reduced, you will save money on the general maintenance costs of the pool.

If you are in search of the right pool pump timer, you will need to consider some options. Other than choosing a good-quality pool pump timer, you must also consider your needs and preferences. Choosing the right pool pump timer will ensure a smooth running with the pool, as well as your home’s electrical load. It also saves you time and effort. Everything will run smoothly when you are using the timer.

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Here is a good brand, Intermatic, that offers a good value and is easy to install.

Power Control Devices: Advanced Power Strips, single-plug

Buying Guide: controlling vampire load

Plug-in devices use power when you’re not using them or they’re finished charging. This type of electrical use is called phantom, standby, or vampire load. The Department of Energy estimates that vampire load accounts for 5-8% of a single family’s energy use. The following products help mitigate that wasted energy.

Advanced Power Strips

Your television, cable box, modem, computer, tablet, printer, speakers, chargers, scanners, DVD players, etc. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that the annual amount of phantom load in the U.S. could power 11 million homes.

Enter the advanced power strip. The modernized version of the surge protector, it is fireproof and stops vampire load by sensing when the master device – either a television or computer – is off so it can switch off peripheral devices. There are 7 outlets:

Always On (2) devices: cable box, router, modem

Control (1) devices: TV or PC

Switched (4) devices: amps, subwoofer, games console, DVD player, printer, scanner, speakers, chargers.

Product Guide: Advanced Power strips

Advanced power strip yields hundreds of search results from both Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon. However, only a fraction of them are designed to handle phantom load. In fact, a search for appropriate products at both Home Depot and Lowe’s yielded no results. Amazon did but their results were mixed in with high-quality surge protectors that don’t manage phantom load. Below are links to either specific product pages or search results from a particular brand.

Amazon (by brand):

Product Guide: single-outlet plugs

These products are designed for devices that stand alone, like electronic device chargers, lamps, coffee maker, toaster, hair dryer, radio, cordless phone (for those that still have one). The very reputable energy research lab, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, estimates that each household has an average of 40 products that leech energy when “off.” Single-outlet sockets help lower that waste and are inexpensive, plug into your wall outlets and easy to use. You turn the product off on the outlet plug. Or, set a timer, and the plug will automatically turn off itself.

single and multiple outlets

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