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Windows and Doors

Plastic kits for windows

These products are for windows that you don’t plan to open because you are basically cling-wrapping your window like you would a bowl of food. Adhering clear, double-sided tape to the interior window frame and attaching plastic film to it, you will create a seal. Skeptical that a piece of plastic can make a significant difference in blocking air leaks? Wrap your arm in one complete layer of cling wrap and leave it there for 10 minutes.

V-seal plastic and foam tape (for windows and doors)

Both of these types of products are for in-use doors and windows and help create or strengthen a protective seal when you close your windows and doors. Both products stick to the door or window frame and will not show on the interior of your home with the door closed. You will need measuring tape and scissors to apply both products, which come in a variety of widths and colors.

The difference between V-seal and foam tape? You fold V-seal in half, creating a V shape, and adhere half of it to your door. It looks like a “V,” hence its name. Alternately, you adhere foam tape’s full adhesive to your door frame.

Below are search results from Amazon and Google Shopping. These products have a lot of variety and are dependent on the size of a door frame. For more information, visit your local hardware store for the best buying advice.



Along with V-seal and foam tape, there are a few more options to weatherize your doors. The following terms might be useful to know when following product directions. Threshold: The section underfoot where a closed door rests. Kerf/Kerfmount strips: Modern doors have kerfs, an interior track that will hold foam tape or vinyl strips. Older doors may not have a kerf, and you will need a different product.

Kerf-mount and non-Kerfmount weatherization:

Door sweeps

Door sweep (with a kerf):

Door Sweeps (no kerf):

Springload (goes onto exterior and seals better) vs. basic (installed interior & closes into shoe, or sill).

Draft stopper

A draft stopper is like outfitting your door with fuzzy slippers. They’re similar to door sweeps but for interior doors and therefore come in a variety of colors and designs. 

Signals (our favorite and a splurge)

Attics and Chimneys

Chimney Balloon

Chimney balloons help decrease heat loss through the chimney and they’re exactly what they sound like – a clear balloon attached to a string.

Attic Thermadome

Therma-Dome attic stair covers help block airflow between your attic and the rest of the house. They provide energy savings throughout the year. Our partner, Healthy Homes Energy, will either provide a do-it-yourself kit or an option to assemble and install one for you.

Attic Hatch Insulation Cover

Attic Stairway Tent Cover

Material adapted from Build Like a Pro: Insulate & Weatherize, published by The Taunton Press, 2012; used by permission. 

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