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Understand common sources of energy waste in your home.

Here in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the winters are cold and the summers are hot. All homes waste energy, increasing utility bills and reducing comfort. We want to help you make the most of your energy investment in your home. ENE has partnered with energy efficiency expert and author, Bruce Harley, to provide you with advice from his book, Insulate and Weatherize. Learn about the many possible sources of energy loss in your home, how to save on your energy bills, and be more energy efficient. Whether you have had a recent Home Energy Assessment and are reviewing the recommendations from the Snugg Pro™ report, or are planning a home improvement project, this section contains information to help you achieve your energy goals.


Material adapted from Build Like a Pro: Insulate & Weatherize, published by The Taunton Press, 2012; used by permission. 

About the Author
Bruce Harley is an engineer who has been involved in energy efficiency since 1990. His field experience includes testing, diagnosis, and remediation of air leakage, duct leakage, airflow, combustion safety, and indoor air quality in residential buildings, as well as efficiency testing and monitoring of air- and ground-source heat pumps. He has conducted numerous trainings in energy-efficient residential construction, building science, mechanical systems, diagnostic techniques, and energy codes for designers, builders, building officials, and tradespeople.

Cut Your Energy Bills

Insulate and Weatherize: For Energy Efficiency at Home (Taunton's Build Like a Pro)

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