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Braintree Electric Light Department

Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) is committed to helping you save energy. BELD’s business is generating and delivering electricity, but its first concern is its customers. BELD wants you to live and work in a clean environment with money in your pocket.


Home Energy AuditFree 
Clothes Dryers$50 
Clothes Washers$50 
Room/Central AC$50 
Hybrid Electric Hot Water Heaters$250 
Programmable Thermostats$25 
LED Bulbs50% up to $150 
Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps$150 – $500 
Braintree Drives Electric$250 rebate on Level 2 Charger with participation in EV Miles Program ($599 value), $8 per month for charging at nonpeak hours 
Smart Thermostat Program$60 gift card for signing up, $20 for each year of participation 
Energy Smart Home50% max $500 
Braintree Re-leaf2 free trees 
Lighten Up Energy Audits 

Energy Saving Rebates and Programs

BELD is pleased to offer rebates to customers purchasing ENERGY STAR-rated appliances (refrigerators, clothes washers, clothes dryers, air conditioners, hybrid electric hot water heaters), LED lights, programmable thermostats, and smart thermostats. ENERGY STAR-rated products are significantly more energy-efficient than the average comparable model.

To participate in BELD’s rebate program, print out and complete the Application Form, or stop by BELD’s office to pick one up. Then purchase an ENERGY STAR-rated appliance. Return the completed form along with the sales receipt showing the make and model of the appliance to BELD’s office. Remember to include the ENERGY STAR label for all appliances, excluding central air conditioning and LED lights.Once BELD receives the form and verifies eligibility, it will credit your electric account the rebated amount. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

For all commercial rebates, contact BELD’s Key Accounts Representative, Mike Ford, at 781-348-2370 or

BELD wants to help you learn how to conserve energy… and dollars! BELD’s new electricity usage portal displays the data gathered by advanced meters. Now you can monitor your usage, and see how your everyday habits affect your hourly consumption and monthly electric bill. Customer|Connect is the fast, easy way to monitor all of your electric usage—right down to the hour.

With BELD Customer|Connect you can:

  • Measure, monitor, and manage your electricity usage
  • Access your consumption data on a near real-time basis
  • Get instant notifications if your usage exceeds a specified kWh or dollar amount
  • View your usage based on local weather patterns
  • Set up multiple user accounts to access graphs and reports
  • Create goals for your household to reduce your electricity consumption and monthly bill
  • Find answers to commonly asked questions about your account 24/7
  • Be “in the know” about your electricity usage

Log in or register your account at BELD Customer|Connect.

Save money. Save time. Save carbon.

Now is the time to make the switch from gasoline to electricity! Plug-in electric cars are fast, fun, affordable, and efficient. Compared to gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs) are less costly to operate and maintenance is cheaper and simpler.

Braintree Drives Electric (BDE) is a local initiative designed to raise awareness about the benefits of replacing gasoline powered vehicles with EVs. Braintree residents are encouraged to test drive and experience the speed and power of EVs first hand. BDE helps you access available rebates, take advantage of EV deals, and stay informed on the rapidly growing EV market.

Be a part of this important program. Schedule a test drive to see which car is the best fit for you!
Call 1-833-44-EV-ENE (1-833-443-8363) or visit the Braintree Drives Electric website to learn more. View current offers or schedule a no-obligation test drive today!

It seems like everyone is reaping the benefits of power from the sun these days. Several of BELD’s residential and commercial customers have photovoltaic (PV) systems. BELD has partnered with the Town of Braintree to commission a 1.26-megawatt PV array at the Covanta Transfer Station, which delivers power directly to BELD’s electric distribution system. BELD Community Solar allows you to get the benefits of solar even if your roof isn’t suitable—or if you don’t have your own roof. Contact BELD’s Energy Advisor to sign up or for more information.

Whatever you choose, it’s a decision that’ll pay off in more ways than one. Learn more about each of your options below:

If you’re considering making energy improvements in your home, then getting an energy assessment is the first step. Braintree residents that heat with oil or electricity should contact BELD’s Energy Advisor to schedule a free site visit. Your home’s heating, hot water systems, shell insulation, appliances, windows, doors, and lighting will all be evaluated. BELD also provides financial incentives for certain types of energy upgrades, including ductless mini-split systems. Energy audits are required to receive rebates. For more information, call 781-348-1032. Gas heat customers should contact Mass Save at 1-866-527-7283.

Application Forms:
Building Shell and Heating System Measures
Appliance Rebates
Ductless Mini-Splits
SmartSavings (Smart Thermostat Program)

If you own or are considering buying a qualified smart thermostat, you can sign up for SmartSavings. By agreeing to have your thermostat adjusted during Community Energy Hours, you will receive a $60 gift card and $20 for each year of participation in the program.

Visit SmartSavings on BELD’s website to learn more about the program.

BELD’s Energy Advisor and other employees enjoy visiting classrooms to teach students about electricity. BELD is also glad to talk about utility programs during meetings for neighborhood associations and service organizations.

For more information, contact BELD’s Energy Advisor.

As a participant in the American Public Power Association’s Tree Power initiative, BELD is committed to beautifying its community while helping its customers save energy. Since the Braintree Re-Leaf program started in 1992, BELD has planted more than 2,600 maple trees at no cost to the recipients. Each new tree begins to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere immediately, and in a few years the shade created helps lower cooling costs.

All BELD residential customers are eligible for two free maple trees. BELD will even plant the trees for you on the south or west side of your home to ensure they get off to a healthy start. If you have not already taken advantage of this offer (sorry, no repeat customers), it’s easy to sign up. Contact BELD’s Energy Advisor at 781-348-1032, and BELD will do the rest!

Got energy questions? Contact BELD’s Energy Advisory Hotline for free at 781-348-1032. The Energy Advisor will take the time necessary to explain the information you’re looking for in simple, understandable terms. If you’d like, BELD can provide you with written information, web-based references and links, and even make a presentation to your neighborhood association or service organization. In addition, you can borrow an appliance watt meter for free to monitor the electric use and cost of individual appliances in your home.

Working in partnership with Energy New England (ENE), BELD offers an energy conservation program called Lighten Up. The program is primarily designed to help BELD’s commercial and industrial customers lower electric costs through lighting upgrades (also through approved conservation measures).

To encourage customers to complete identified energy savings opportunities, the program includes both a free on-site technical survey (audit) as well as financial assistance in the form of a rebate. On-site audits are conducted by ENE and are available to any commercial customer in BELD’s service territory. Working with BELD’s Key Accounts Representative, an ENE Commercial Energy Auditor will conduct an inspection of existing interior and exterior lighting and complete a report that identifies specific energy-saving opportunities and recommends retrofits. Upon completion of the work and a subsequent inspection, BELD will determine the amount of the rebate.

BELD encourages its commercial customers to start saving on electric costs by requesting a Free Energy Audit today!

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